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Twin Oaks Wine & Spirits Store Picks (Woodinville, Maker's Mark, George Dickel)

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Save now and buy all 3 of our store picks together! Hand selected by our experienced whiskey experts!


George Dickel 9 Year Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey

Vital Stats: 103 proof. Aged nine years. 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% barley. The label does not identify the barrel, but does include the bottle number

Appearance: Dark amber.

Nose: Initial notes of nuts and baking spices. As it opens up, you’ll find marshmallow and green apple.

Palate: The silky texture fills the mouth with flavors of peanut, oak, and cinnamon on the initial palate.  You’re sweet tooth will then be fulfilled with notes of toasted brown sugar and melon. On the finish, you’ll enjoy a unique mixture of cardamom and green apple. 


Woodinville Bourbon Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon (4804)

We teamed up with Woodinville to hand select the ultimate single barrel bourbon! We were given the option between five different barrels and each had their unique characteristics. In the end it was a no-brainer, we selected a Woodinville Bourbon with the ultimate complexity and smoothness. 

Maker's Mark Private Selection "Desert Twist" Cask Strength Kentucky Bourbon


The whiskey inside every bottle of Maker's Mark Private Select is created using a custom recipe of oak staves unique to each barrel. Each stave imparts a distinct flavor profile, which in combination, produces a whiskey that is truly one of a kind, every time. This particular barrel was finished in the following oak staves:

  • 1 Part Maker’s Mark 46 Oak Staves
  • 3 Part Baked American Pure Staves
  • 5 Part Roasted French Mocha Oak Staves
  • 1 Part Toasted French Spice Oak Staves

This unique blend creates a flavor profile that blasts creamy vanilla notes, with low underlying spices that become more vibrant with every sip. With the perfect touch of American oak, and an excellent barrel of bourbon this whiskey becomes an exceptionally delicious whiskey.

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