Orphan Barrel

Orphan Barrel Muckety Muck 25 Year Old Single Grain Scotch


The Orphan Barrel Whisky Distilling Co. released Muckety-Muck 25 Year Old, a limited edition, Single Grain Scotch Whisky from the now-ghost Port Dundas distillery.

Set beside the canal on a hill overlooking the vibrant city of Glasgow, the Port Dundas Distillery was a prominent local landmark established in 1810, which gave the world two centuries of exceptional whisky.

Although Port Dundas closed its doors in 2010, there are select, rare remaining stocks that allow a glimpse into the glorious past of one of Scotland’s most respected and historic distilleries. Muckety-Muck is one of those rare single grain scotches boasting 24 years of aging.


The aroma starts with a burst of caramel and notes of baked sugar backed by the taste of crisp fruit and light toasted oak. The fruit forward flavor is blended with hints of butterscotch vanilla which carry through to the finish.

45% ABV / 25 Years Matured

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