Old Fitzgerald

Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 11 Year


Since early 2018, each spring and a new edition to the Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond decanter series is released. While the age of each bottling varies, all have the Bottled-in-Bond designation.

The black labeled fall 2021 release, Old Fitzgerald 11 Year (Old Fitz 11) offers the nose a slight nip of alcohol as well as a hint of sherry wine. It is herbal with notes of roasted corn and wheat and one can smell fruits of current and plum and taste a mixture of sweet and Maraschino cherries with some allspice, light cinnamon and pepper. There are sweets of yellow cake, vanilla, brown sugar, woody honey and dark toffee as well however to me, this is a simple bourbon, and frankly, I feel a let down. For me, the aromas and flavors are too blended and it provides only a medium throat warming herbal and floral finish.

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