Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Proof



In Lynchburg, we discover a new whiskey every day. That’s because every day we sample our barrels and find ones that are unique enough for our Single Barrel collection. One may be sweeter. One might have more oak. But each is hand-selected for its own, singular take on our Tennessee Whiskey. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Proof is whiskey as nature intended it—bottled straight from the barrel at its full proof. Intense, smooth, and remarkably varied, Barrel Proof is bottled at anywhere from 125 to 140-proof, taking Jack’s trademark vanilla and toasted oak flavors to bold new levels.

Surprisingly smooth whiskey, with notes of sweet brown sugar that give way to rich, toasted oak and smoke, with warm baking spices. Complex with layers of vanilla, tobacco, and a touch of smoke that is incredibly long and satisfying.

Barrel proof- ABV varies by batch.

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