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Fireball Fire Keg

$119.99 $139.99

Introducing the NEW Fireball FIREKEG! This limited edition FireKeg will amp it up in a way only Fireball can. Fireball Friday, Tailgating or any occasion really - Just grab one while they’re HOT! The new Firekeg will include 5 Liters of Straight Fireball Whisky, which is equivalent to over 115 shots. It comes complete with not one, not two, but THREE Spouts for optimally efficient pouring.

If you haven't tried it yet, just imagine what it feels like to stand face-to-face with a fire-breathing dragon who just ate a whisky barrel full of spicy cinnamon. Live it, love it, shoot it? What happens next is up to you.

33% ABV

Contents: 5.25 Liter  

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