Baileys S'Mores Cream (Limited Edition)


Savor the nostalgic flavors of toasted marshmallow, rich chocolate, and graham cracker with Baileys S’mores Irish Cream Liqueur. Our 34 proof Limited Edition liqueur celebrates your favorite bonfire treat. Baileys S’mores Liqueur combines the unmistakable taste of our Irish Cream with flavors of toasted marshmallows sandwiched between graham crackers and a melted chocolate finish for a sensational melt-in-your-mouth drink to elevate any occasion. Add indulgent flavor to your drinks by serving Baileys S’mores Liqueur over ice or in your favorite hot beverages.


Toasted marshmallow, honey graham cracker, and rich milk chocolate.


Gooey marshmallow, creamy chocolate bar, and sweet graham cracker.


Toasted marshmallow and rich chocolate.

ABV 17%

Allergies: Milk and milk products (lactose included)

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